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We review the social science databases for specific topics, articles, and accompanying citations relevant to your case. In addition, when you are in need of journal articles that are required to meet criteria for admissibility, we can provide these articles and their full citations. Although the decision of admissibility always lies with the courts, we can use our expertise to match journal articles against Frye, Daubert, or Kumho criteria. An example would be, “The Use Of Projective Tests in Forensic Cases.”
Complex cases often have one or more underlying complex issues: parental alienation, domestic violence, allegations of sexual abuse, overnights and young children, relocation, gatekeeping, and addiction. With our psycholegal analyses of a full range of articles, you get a comprehensive understanding of how to apply the findings to your specific case. This will prepare you to use the articles as an exhibit in court, educate your client, or challenge an expert. Your end product will include a summary list of the articles and a psycholegal analysis of the articles.
Sometimes an expert relies on a particular article or book chapter. Or a new article may be published and the psycholegal implications are not clear. To help in these instances, we provide a custom psycholegal analysis of a journal article, book chapter, or similar publication. Simply copy and paste the identifying article information or the web page address (URL) with the article you need analyzed, and send it to us.
Take the mystery out of psychological tests. Request a comprehensive Psychological Test Fact Sheet for any test in print (MMPI-2, PAI, MCMI-III, Rorschach etc.). We'll then provide information about the test construction, forensic application, strengths and limitations for use, norm groups for child custody litigants, and other administration, scoring, and interpretation information. You will then be thoroughly knowledgeable about the instrument. *Information provided will be in compliance with copyright laws.
When you can't wait for a local expert consultation, call us. We'll respond quickly to your request. We understand that sometimes all you need is fifteen minutes of expert feedback to facilitate case planning involving a psychological issue.
Most parents have limited information about mental health, divorce, and child custody research subject matter. What they read on blogs and on the Internet can often be outdated. We can provide a topical parent resource to help you educate your client. It will include the latest relevant research on such topics as Parental Alienation, Overnights and Young Children, Evidence-Based Mental Health Treatment, Drug Testing, Relocation, Domestic Violence, Personality Disorders, Co-Parenting, Stepfamily Outcomes, and more. Let us help you better manage your clients.
For application with an expert witness, a party, or a witness called by a party, we help you draft and organize questions around specific psychological topics, psychological tests, and psycholegal guidelines and treatises.
Identifying and screening qualified experts on a particular subject matter can be quite time- consuming. With our broad experience, we can find the right qualified experts quickly and efficiently. Just give us the expert subject matter and type of expert you need (academic, testimonial, non-testimonial), and we will provide a list of professionals in your area.
For any other specific requests that you may have, we will partner with you to find specific research or an expert-supported solution. Examples include drafting a treatment-focused order, crafting evaluation referral questions, and using the proper mental health language in your legal documents.

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